Enjoy Fruits and Vegetables at Apple Hill Placerville, El Dorado, California

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Apple Hill Growers is a trademark name for over 50 local families that are engaged in agriculture production. With large tracts of apple ranches, pumpkin growing, wineries, and vegetable firms, Apple Hill Placerville presents one of the best places where you should spend a day on a farm.

Apple Hill Placerville Ca has been one of the most popular destinations in El Dorado County, California. For over fifty years in operation, millions of families spend a day on a farm and enjoy some of the sweetest fresh fruits that are not available in the city. If you are looking to spend a day on a farm this fall, here are some of the reasons why Apple Hill should be your destination.

1. Activities for Kids

One of the main reasons why people look for outdoor places to visit is because they want their children to have ample space to play and enjoy the sun. Apple Hill presents one of the best places to visit, especially for the young ones. With larges tracks of land, it is obvious that there is a sufficient playground. The fact that there are organized activities for kids makes everything better for you and your kids. You will get some time to share with your friends as kids enjoy nearby.

2. Apple Hill Events

Are you enthusiastic about events and other social gatherings? Apple Hill is the best place for you in fall. In every day, there are tens of social gatherings and events taking place. This is the place where families and large organizational gatherings take place in El Dorado. Team building activities happen here, which means that you have an opportunity to gatecrash and enjoy some social gatherings. Nevertheless, you can as well plan for your social gathering and events without any restriction.

3. Wine Tasting

You might not be an alcoholic person, but wines can’t pass without you taking a few glasses. Instead of buying expensive wines from different wineries in California cities, why don’t you consider visiting Apple Hill for natural wine tasting? These wines are made in the farm wineries through natural means and use of local fruits. Nothing is brought from the outside to enhance the quality of the wine. You will get enough wine to drink and take home for the upcoming weekend.

4. Wedding Ceremony

If you want to spend a day on a farm on your wedding day, you don’t have to worry. Apple Hill has opened the door for every person who is looking forward to having his wedding ceremony held within the farm. The large tracts of land provide sufficient and ample spaces for wedding receptions and other wedding activities. With a wide variety of fruits, you don’t have to worry about what your wedding guests will be taking at the reception.

5. Fresh Fruit Varieties

Getting fresh fruits from the stores is a thing of the past. If you get lucky and come across some fresh fruits, you are not sure whether they are fresh or they have stayed for several days on the shelf. Apple Hill allows you to pick your fruits from the trees. You will also get an opportunity to enjoy everything apple made from the farm. This is the best place for you if you like apple picking activities.

6. Pumpkin Picking

Pumpkin picking is a popular activity in California and the entire United States. Pumpkins are popular vegetables across the country and around the world, as well. The fact that pumpkins are ninety percent water makes them very popular vegetables for dehydrated individuals. At Apple Hill, you are not restricted to pumpkin picking only. Other fresh vegetable varieties are available for considerations.

If you are looking for fun this fall, you don’t have to search through the internet again. All roads are heading to the Apple Hill Growers farm. Spend a day on a farm with your family and friends and enjoy all the fruits and vegetables.

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