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When a side hustle blooms into a thriving business, an entrepreneur turned flower shop owner spreads the love by creating beautiful bouquets and giving back. Flowers For Dreams was started as a flower truck by two college students.

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This video explains how Steven Dyme and a friend started their new business and how they overcame some obstacles. Their mobile shop, a new concept for the time was not embraced by everyone. Back when they started, due to county ordinances, the team was receiving multiple fines that made it nearly impossible for them to stay in business. Dyme didn’t agree with the law and went to work to change it.

He was instrumental in working with the local government to make it easier for new start-ups. Now, Flowers For Dreams is thriving, and business is blooming. In addition to their flower truck, they have a permanent retail shop located at 406 N. Wells in Chicago. And their different flower arrangement ordering concept is what is making them a successful stand out.

Flowers For Dreams established a creative pricing structure similar to a menu at a restaurant. This bouquet menu takes the stress out of deciding what flowers to order, creating an extremely easy and convenient customer experience, some could consider a “game-changer” in the industry. Customers order flower bouquets by the price; $35 for small. $55 for medium, $75 for large, and $95 for extra-large.

Each flower bouquet is designed by a team of creatives who understand how important the personal experience is of both giving and receiving beautiful flower bouquets. Seasonal fresh flowers are sourced by local growers and regional wholesalers. They want to get it right every time for every customer. They’ll even include a handwritten message on the card.

In addition to delivering love to their customers, Flowers For Dreams is sharing their success with those in need. Their business concept includes an impressive give back program. They donate a percentage of their profits to local charities. Dyme explained that 25 percent of all profits are given to amazing local nonprofit organizations helping make others’ dreams come true. Over the last six years in business, they have generously and happily contributed more than a quarter-million dollars to local charities and will continue into the future. Giving to charities is an important foundation of their business.

The Flowers For Dreams concept is working. Their 406 N Wells location is thriving creating hundreds of orders each day delivered by 20 to 30 deliver couriers. During the busiest flower-giving season of the year, Valentines Day they expanded their services by adding more delivery couriers, temporary pop-up shops, and taking their flower truck to different locations to meet the growing demands of their customers.


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