An Enchanting Touch To Any Party The Endless Appeal Of Air Filled Balloons For Parties And Holidays

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Throwing a party needs a few key ingredients. Most people today can agree that sweets, colorful decorations, and fun gifts are essential. What’s one thing, however, no party feels complete without?

From the iconic sweet sixteen to a welcome home party for a loved one, the balloon is a beloved staple. It’s immediately eye-catching, signaling to all and sundry good times are just around the corner. Choosing the best air filled balloons can take a little doing, though. There are so many varieties on the market, some of which aren’t long-lasting or flexible. Need a little help differentiating between foil balloons and latex balloons?

Don’t buy balloons just yet! There’s a lot of fun to be had just learning about the history of these cute and dynamic creations, as well as all the varieties they come in today.

Balloons haven’t been around forever (though it certainly feels like it!). The first rubber balloon was made all the way back in the 1800’s, to one very visionary Professor Michael Faraday. It was crafted out of two sheets of rubber whose edges were pressed together, a crude-yet-fascinating invention that soon took off. Silver metallic balloons would be invented in the 1970’s for the New York City Ballet. Little-by-little, these weightless delights would find new ways to dazzle the crowd.

Nowadays it’s all too easy to find air filled ballons. You can swing by the grocery store and pick up a few in the the party aisle. You can also order balloons online through a wholesale supplier. A recent survey found 70% of participants loving celebrating their birthday, no matter the age. WalletHub’s 2019 Valentine’s Day Survey also found 45% of people expect their Valentine to spend at least $50 on a gift. What better way to accentuate a loving gesture than with colorful balloons?

Not all balloons are made alike, of course, and it pays to know the difference! A party for a child with a latex allergy, for example, would do well to choose a balloon alternative. Foil balloons are a shiny and appealing choice, with plenty of rich designs to choose from. For those in your life without a latex allergy, the classic latex balloon stands tall as a classic option. They’re also very eco-friendly — rubber trees grow in rain forests, which means latex-producing trees are left intact.

It’s not just the material of the balloon, but how it’s filled up. Your average 11 inch latex balloons generally last between 12 to 20 hours filled with helium. Air filled balloons, on the other hand, will last for a few weeks at a time…without floating. Determining which one you need most depends on the nature of the party and how long you expect the balloons to be around. When you don’t have access to helium, there are still plenty of fun ways to create a visual spectacle.

Heart shaped balloons to make your significant other blush. Foil balloons with memorable designs to make a child smile. When throwing a party, consider tying a cluster of balloons next to signs or around poles to draw the eye. You can weigh down helium-filled balloons with cute plushies (for inside the house) or painted stones (outside the house). Consider scrawling on people’s names or drawing on some designs yourself!

Air filled balloons make the heart sing. Order your foil balloons wholesale and never be low on the perfect party ornamentation.

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