The Surprising Power of Art



All human societies and cultures around the world create art in many different forms, from sketches and paintings to music, dance, jewelry, sculpture, and more. Art can be used for religious purposes and even to represent societal norms and mores, but art can also act as personal expression of all sorts. Some art is even designed to provoke thought or controversy in healthy debate on an intellectual level. Abstract art, collages, realism, impressionism, and more can engage any viewer, and today’s abstract art prints may prove popular for decorating an office, hotel, or library. Art inspired by nature, art that makes a political statement or protest, and more can be found all over the United States. Abstract art prints for sale can even have a profound psychological effect on the viewer, and the same is true of whimsical art or even photographs.

The Business of Art

It could be argued that art is the ultimate expression of the human soul and human condition, but even then, art today is a business like any other. Art is universally beloved in some form or other, and that makes for a robust industry. As of 2017, for example, the worldwide art market was valued at nearly $64 billion USD, and around 53% of all art collections in the world today have 500 or more pieces in them. American artists in particular are well represented, appearing in nearly 40% of all art collections around the globe. Such collections can include art of any type, but some trends and studies show that paintings in particular are popular types of art to collect. Meanwhile, in the United States in particular, the arts support some 113,000 nonprofit organizations that employ nearly 2.2 million artists in the American workforce. These artists may get agents who help them get their art into galleries across the nation, or get their art featured in restaurants and coffee shops, doctor’s office waiting rooms, hotel lobbies, and even in offices. The styles used may be a matter of discretion, such as choosing between abstract art or impressionism or ethnic art.

Art and the Human Mind

Many studies have shown that art is not only pleasant to look at, but it can have a positive impact on a viewer’s mental state and even their health. Studies and surveys show that many art gallery guests feel more relaxed and at ease after at least half an hour of art viewing, and their cortisol (stress hormone) levels may be lower. After all, art is created by human beings for intellectual beings to view and understand, and art is often intended to look beautiful. Even if art is ugly or grotesque on purpose, it may still engage the viewer on an intellectual viewer.

This is good news, as it means that art is very much desired in public spaces. There is an entire industry of art consultants who may be hired to choose art pieces to display in their client’s place of business. These consultants may offer prints of famous and well-loved pieces, but another option may be to display art from up-and-coming local artists. This is often a fine way for local painters, photographers, and sketch artists to gain some recognition.

Spaces such as libraries, hotel lobbies, doctor and dentist’s offices and coffee shops typically feature art for these very reasons. Art can set any viewer at ease, such as in a doctor’s office waiting room. Hotel and motel lobbies are designed to look and feel homely, which may reflect in potted plants,. wallpaper, comfortable furniture, and of course, art such as framed prints or sculptures. All of this is the work of an art consultant.

Even a workspace may benefit from this. Art is not only attractive, but it can inspire creativity and boosted productivity in a viewer. Studies show that office employees who can see framed art in the workplace indeed feel more creative and productive, something that any manager would want. Art consultants can be hired to choose and set up those pieces, and that, combined with potted plants and creative arrangements of desks and chairs, can make all the difference for employees. Creative settings make for creative and productive minds.

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