5 Advantages of Electric Skateboards



Motorized skate board

Approximately 11 million people self-reports that they find pleasure in skateboarding on a regular basis. This number is ever increasing with more and more people getting interested in skateboarding for fun and sporting reasons. Today, skateboards are even used for commuting over short distances, and unlike hoverboards and bikes, they are safe, portable and convenient to use.

Although skateboarding can be fun and thrilling, it can also be very exhausting especially if you are using the classic push style skateboards. But the improved technology in skateboarding industry has seen the introduction of more superior and impressive electric powered skateboards, offering users a new experience in skateboarding. If you fancy ripping through the streets and riding endlessly, here are five reasons to consider a skateboard with electric motor.

This is perhaps one the primary reasons why people prefer electric skateboards over the classic ones. If you are skating down the slope, it is easy to attain maximum speeds whether you’re riding on an electric or a push style skateboard. But for flat surfaces, most regular skateboards fails to reach high speeds as you would with electric skateboards.

A skateboard with electric motor feature a remote control that offers you control over the speed you want to move. Some have a speed monitor display panel that indicates your current speed and even gives an alert upon reaching maximum speeds. Essentially, you can do more with an electric skateboard with minimum effort.

Push no more
It’s a fact that conventional skateboarding is tiring. The fact that you have to push to gain movement makes it even less exciting, particularly over long distances. Having a motorized skateboard eliminates the need of pushing just to get to a destination. It’s more convenient and easy to get from one point to the next without wearing out.

Smooth Uphill ride
Skateboarding activities are fun, but that doesn’t include the part where you have to carry or push your board uphill. It is one of the worst skateboarding experiences anyone would want to be involved in. If you live in hilly terrain area, skateboarding can be a challenge, That’s why you need to consider a skateboard with electric motor that can get you uphill with effectively and with less struggle.

Many powered boards don’t feature the dual ride mode, but there are a few that have this option. With such a board, you can choose to ride on electric or manual mode depending on what you want. This lets you save on the battery when riding down a slope or on a surface that you feel the need to push. Switching to manual mode allows you to engage in various skateboarding tricks and stunts. You get to enjoy the best of both worlds.

Environment friendly
This may sound absurd, but come to think of it, electric skateboards offer another transport solution. Unlike, cars and motorbikes that emits carbon into the atmosphere, powered boards don’t emit anything. They instead offer travel solutions while they preserve the environment in the long run.

By choosing an electric skateboard, you’re are not only investing in an enjoyable activity, but also solving your transportation problems over relatively long distances. Lastly, when looking to buy a board, consider an all terrain electric skateboard that can manoeuvre both on the tarmac and off-road.

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