The Right Tableware for Parties and Weddings

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Public events are a time for people to gather for a celebration or major event, anything from awards banquets to a wedding or birthday party, and these events often involve a lunch, dinner, or even a brunch as part of the festivities. Any amateur or professional host should have everything ready, and that includes what goes on the dinner table. Today, there is a dazzling array of options out there for style, materials, budget, and theme. There is also the general dichotomy of using permanent (and usually fancy) tableware versus disposable plastic and paper items (probably not best for weddings). Fancy dinner napkins are not the same as paper napkins or disposable serveware, but compromises can be found with plastic champagne glasses and other fancy plastic cups, and metallic gold disposable cutlery. If a host is creative, they can get the best of both fancy and budget friendly disposable goods. Fancy dinner napkins or metal forks or expensive china may not even be needed to spice p a wedding or awards banquet.

Weddings and Parties

Weddings, for example, are a major event that calls for many different supplies for guests at the dinner table. Every year in the United States, around 2.4 million weddings take place on average, and their budget and guest list can vary widely. The total amount spent on weddings annually is around $72 billion, and traditional American weddings cost, on average, $35,329. The location and time of year can also impact price, as can the size of the guest list. A Manhattan wedding in June, for example, will cost much more than a March wedding in North Dakota.

Big or small, a wedding must have classy flair to match its theme, and the dinner table has to keep up. Plastic champagne glasses, for example, are a way to keep things classy while keeping the budget under control. It is recommended that there be 75 glasses available for every 25 guests, and for big weddings, this can add up fast. Similarly, 100 napkins per 25 guest is a good idea, and expensive, fancy dinner napkins might run up a large bill for a bigger wedding, so fancy dinner napkins may need creative solutions in this case. Paper napkins with elaborate patterns in them can give an air of class, and disposable plastic plates and metallic gold plastic cutlery can achieve a similar effect: fancy and ornate, but also economic. Awards banquets may or may not make use of similar tactics; a wedding is financed by the bride and groom and their parents, but being an official and public event, an awards banquet may not need to find such budget solutions, but the possibility is there.

For a party at home or at a park, such as a birthday party (for kids or an adult) plastic and paper cutlery, plates, and cups are nearly always a good idea, especially for a kid’s party, where young guests may often throw, drop, or knock over items, and glass may break or metal may dent in such events. Fancy dinner napkins are probably not needed here, although a quiet birthday party for an older adult with peers may not require economical supplies. Fancy dinner napkins and metal cutlery, depending on taste, may be the best option. And at public entertainment buildings where a kid’s birthday party may be hosted, as with at a home, plastic cutlery, and paper and plastic supplies of all kinds, can probably be expected.

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