Some Important Considerations For The Planning Of Your Wedding

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Throughout the United States, there are a great many weddings hosted on a yearly basis. In fact, there are very nearly two and a half million of them in this relatively short span of time. This actually means that there are around 44,000 weddings taking place over the course of each and every weekend, something that certainly just goes to show how popular of an event the wedding truly is.

Of course, weddings involve a lot of planning to carry off without a hitch – or at least, as smoothly as is really humanly possible. For many couples, starting the wedding planning process early is a good bet, as giving yourself more than year to fully plan a wedding is ideal. Fortunately, the average couple will stay engaged for around 14 months before then officially tying the knot, something that will certainly prove ideal for such purposes as wedding planning.

There are some things that will need to be nailed down early on in the wedding planning process. For instance, the date of the wedding is critical, as everything else will revolve around this date. For most people, a summer date is ideal, with June holding most weddings (around 15% of them). Weather in the summer months will be typically the most ideal weather for any given wedding – and opens up the possibility of holding the wedding outdoors. October comes in at the second most popular month, as weather is still typically quite nice until the month that follows after, the month of November.

In addition to this, firming up a guest list is also very important. While the average number of guests for an American wedding is currently 136, this number will vary quite dramatically across the board. After all, some people are looking for small and intimate affairs while others want to throw a giant party. No matter what, however, solidifying your guest list will make it easier to decide on many other factors of your wedding.

For instance, tented events will need to get a tent that is large enough to encompass the entirety of the wedding. And tented events are certainly growing more and more popular when it comes to weddings (though there are certainly other types of tented events out there). Tented events can be ideal in many ways. For one thing, tented events are perfect for summer weddings that want to save money on renting a venue, as hosting tented events with tent rentals will certainly be more cost effective. Tented events can also allow any given outdoor wedding event to continue, rain or shine. With tented events, the perfect wedding can be held.

But when renting a tent, size and set up will most certainly need to be strongly considered. For instance, most tented events will include seating within the tent in question. If this is the case for your tented events, you’ll want to leave at least 10 square feet per guest if rectangular tables are being used. For tented events with round tables, up to 12 square feet per guest will become necessary.

For tented events, it is also likely that other types of supplies will need to be rented. After all, no one needs such a mass amount of supplies for everyday use and therefore renting is the best course of action for tented events as well as weddings that are held in a more formal venue. Fortunately, most of your wedding supplies will be able to be rented instead of outright purchased. Wedding linen rentals are quite commonplace, as too are table and chair rentals. Wedding tents for rent are of course perfect for tented events, as this will prevent you from buying a whole tent that you’ll be unlikely to use – at least with any kind of regularity – going forward. Rental prices can sometimes be a bit high for renting such specialty materials, but the ease and convenience is often well worth it.

At the end of the day, there are many considerations to be made when it comes to planning out your wedding, part of the reason why it takes so long to completely do. Fortunately, tented events take much of the stress of wedding planning away.

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