Employees Are More Exhausted Than Ever The Benefits Of Art In The Workplace For Your Business

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Art is an essential part of anyone’s emotional and mental diet. There’s a reason why you see it everywhere you go.

Color helps us differentiate between spaces, changing our mood with every subtle hue. Texture, subject matter, and material go a long way to impact the design of a given space. Even the placement of a painting can completely change the balance of a room. The benefits of art in the workplace is one area that has been heavily documented over the years. Not only is it beautiful to witness, it leaves a notable impact on the wellness of your employees.

From the healing power of art to boosting productivity, we’re going to look at the benefits of art in the workplace. You may be surprised at what you find.

Current Research On The Benefits Of Art In The Workplace

Ongoing studies are shared every year to analyze why art makes people feel so much better. The benefits of art in the workplace is especially prudent, as it can have a major impact on how productive or relaxed employees are. Recent research by Exeter University’s School Of Psychology found that employees who have control over the design and layout of their space are happier and healthier. Not only that, but they were found to be over 30% more productive. This means less distracted, less frustrated, and much more content.

The Psychology Of Artwork In Professional Spaces

Would you rather work in a bland cubicle or an office decorated with paintings, plants, and photographs? There’s a reason why we respond so well to color and variety. An interesting 2011 University Of London study found that blood flow increased by 10% to the ‘joy response’ part of the brain when viewing a beautiful painting. This is a similar response when looking at a loved one. The benefits of art in the workplace mean everyone works in a space that embraces them, rather than leaves them despondent or isolated.

Connecting Placement With Serenity And Confidence

It’s not just the subject matter you choose. It’s how strategically you place your art. Corporate art consultants are familiar with the art of placement and how it helps the eye travel naturally, whether you’re decorating a lobby or filling out an employee’s office space. Paintings and photographs should compliment one another along the wall, with varying sizes an ideal match to keep the viewer’s gaze roaming. Plants or light strings can be used to ‘break up’ the frames and add a little more variety.

How Art Is Used In Hotel And Healthcare Spaces

As stated above, art is everywhere you go. You see it when you open the door, you see it again when you clock into work. Hospitality wall art is a very popular niche, due in no small part to the stressful environments, and is an area you can also consider when hiring a consultant. The Cleveland Clinic found more than 60% of patients in a recent study reporting stress reduction when viewing hospital art. Photography is a popular choice, though you’ll also find a lot of watercolor and oil works for their buttery colors.

The Benefits Of Hiring An Art Consultant

When you’re not sure how to go about designing a hotel lobby or furnishing your office, an art consultant can help. These professionals have years of experience in the art field, learning everything from different art forms to stylish placement. They will ensure the art you receive is properly framed and protected, right alongside offering ideas to help you bring out the best in your building. The benefits of art in the workplace can’t be overstated enough. You’ll gain the benefits of a more enjoyable space and happier workers with just a consultation.

Embrace the benefits of art in the workplace. Reach out to professional art consulting services and ask how you can cultivate a more relaxing atmosphere.

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