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In this video, you will learn about custom rings. Patrick Adair makes a new style of superconductor ring. It can be made by starting with superconductor blank and then sanding an obsidian facet onto it before acid etching the ring to create a beautiful new style.

Video Source

One of his customers wanted this ring because they watched his video about another one of them. They want him to make it custom for them. After a few minutes of cutting on the bandsaw, he is able to cut through the metal. He will have to manually sand the ring down. He went through two sanding belts just on this ring. So, it is good to have belts on hand. You don’t want to make the ring a perfect circle because you want to be able to mend it to the size you need. Cutting through superconductor is extremely difficult. The copper surrounding it is extremely difficult to cut through. It is a good idea to have drill bits on deck, too. You will go through them quickly since it is a hard material to work with. From here, following the rest of the steps are not too hard. Once you have the middle drilled out, you want to hollow out the center more and more so you can get it to the right size and material.

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