Are You Looking Forward to a Wedding Dance This Summer?

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The weekend has finally arrived. As soon as the “Save the Date” card arrived int he mail for the upcoming July wedding, your girls have been making their plans. The bride is the daughter of one of your college friends, but your girls know her very well. After years of summer college reunions where every got together not only with their spouses, but their children as well, the children of your college classmates keep track of each other on social media and through their parents.
Talk of the wedding lead to talk of the reception and dance. The girls remembered that the last time they went to a wedding dance they wished that they knew how to do all of the couple dancing they saw. Swing dancing. Country line dancing. Classic ballroom dancing. It all looked fun, but very unfamiliar. One thing lead to another and the whole family ended up taking classic ballroom dancing classes together. When that first session was over, the family went on to take other classes. It was fun to learn other kinds of dance and it was even more fun to have a place to practice. Lately, the girls and some of their high school friends had been going down town on Friday nights to a local Jitterbug Club dance. With music provided by high school and college jazz bands, the group also provided lessons throughout the evening. A mere $5 fee for the three hour event was well worth the price.
Many Couples Sign Up for First Wedding Dance Lessons Prior to Their Big Event
Although many people thing about dance studios for young girls who want to be ballerinas, many of these studios also teach a variety of other classes. Everything from classic ballroom dancing to dance classes for kids are offered at studios across America. And while some people take classes for special events like weddings and debutante balls, many others simply take dance classes for exercise and entertainment. Fathers can learn to dance with daughters, engaged couples can learn to dance with each other, and couples who are preparing for an upcoming anniversary can update their skills.
A wedding dance is a tradition that many couples want to continue. If, however, one person has not grown up with a family that dances, the thought of a wedding dance can be more stressful than fun. Signing up for classic ballroom dancing lessons or more typical wedding dance styles, however, can make the wedding dance more memorable and enjoyable. In fact, lessons leading up to a wedding dance can be the start of traditional activity that the couple will enjoy for a lifetime.
Dancing Provides a Lifetime of Benefits
Much like other universal skills like playing the piano, dancing is an activity that lasts a lifetime. Dancing provides exercise, entertainment, and enjoyment. Whether you select classic ballroom dancing, country line dancing, or other forms, dancing lessons are an activity that keep people up and moving. In fact, the exercise that some people get while dancing is comparable to many other aerobic activities. It is a form of exercise that is also known to promote cardiovascular health, as well as decrease the chance of depression. Dance classes also foster healthy posture and a better sense of balance.
In addition to providing exercise, dancing and dance classes also provide entertainment. By definition, dancing is a social activity. In fact, one of the main reasons for taking adult dancing lessons is to learn to dance with a partner. Couples dancing has gained enough popularity that some high schools in the midwest actually host jazz band and swing dance nights in the spring. Using the school musicians for music, both parents and students are encouraged to attend and take lessons from on site teachers.
Not surprisingly, the U.S. dance studio industry generates an estimated $2.1 billion of revenue a year. With as many as 8,404 American dance studios that employ an estimated 48,860 people, finding a local class is a pretty simple process.
Learning how to dance is like learning how to write a bike or learning how to play the piano. Theses are life long skills. Dancing is also an intergenerational opportunity that allows families and friends to celebrate events like wedding and anniversaries.

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